Dr. Kevin Elko

Dr. Elko On Demand for Business and Personal Growth

Dr. Elko On Demand for Business and Personal Growth:

A mindset for success is a necessary component to achieve greatness in any career or sport. How do you achieve it? The Greatness Game Plan arms Financial Advisors Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Sales Reps and anyone who’s role is to influence with the same tools and process that Dr. Elko has successfully used when coaching hundreds of companies, championship teams, top performers and world-class athletes.

Created for anyone pursuing greatness with the goal of being top in their field, this exciting new program offers even more intensive, and in-depth training than Dr. Elko live.

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Some of the important things you will learn are:

  • Don’t be distracted

  • Keep on chopping

  • Being bold in order to be effective

  • Handling rejection

  • Learn to connect and ask

  • Develop your own language

  • Encouragement vs Praise

  • Think in terms of “Yet”

  • Stress effort not results

  • Replace discouraging language with encouraging language

  • Take ownership

  • Develop accountability

The Greatness Game Plan: Your Path to Ultimate Success –

$499(per user)

Dr. Elko’s Greatness Game Plan Program contains EIGHT courses (40 short and to the point videos) that provide comprehensive, in-depth training, inspiration, and encouragement to help you reach your goals. It also contains a complete Implementation Guide that summarizes the programs and gives you action items to complete that ensures you will get the most from this program.

The Greatness Pyramid

The Greatness Game Plan: Your Path to Ultimate Success, Dr. Elko utilizes the Greatness Pyramid to walk you through the five steps to greatness.

  • PictureDevelop a clear vision of where you want to go

  • ProcessCreate a stepwise approach in the things you need to do to pursue your vision

  • EncouragementKeep yourself and others engaged in your process

  • InspirationTake outward steps to generate action in yourself and others

  • The ZoneMaintain a powerful mindset and achieve peak performance

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In addition to the Greatness Game Plan Program…

You get access to content by Gerald Acuff!

Start your journey to greatness by approaching every opportunity for confidence AND learning how to build relationships for success — all packaged into one virtual training program.


How to build relationships for success – By Gerald Acuff

Build powerful, profitable business relationships with Jerry Acuff’s real-world principles for connecting with key people in your business life. In thirteen courses, this training helps you become more effective and persuasive while maintaining meaningful, truthful dialogues with those around you.

$299 (per user)

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Includes 2 Programs

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Our People Succeed

“Dr Kevin Elko teaches actionable principles that when applied to your personal or professional life take you and your team to the next level”

Alex Sarafinos- Regional Manager, Regions Investment Services

“Dr Elko is the business owners coach. Driving a winning climate and culture is made possible with the constant encouragement and inspiration his message provides. This keeps our team in a high performance zone in our pursuit of greatness. This program is a must have for anyone who wants equipped with the mindset for success.
Thank you Dr. Elko I owe you!”

Drew Davis, State Farm Insurance Agency Owner

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